Overwatch has been shut down and replaced with Overwatch 2. With it, fans can expect many changes and new features in the long-awaited sequel. However, fans may be wondering about previous content and how Blizzard is handling it. This will be Overwatch 2’s Legacy Credits, and you can check below everything we know about Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2.

What are Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2?

Legacy Credits are a new type of currency in Overwatch 2. These are the credits you had in Overwatch, which are transferred over and converted to Legacy Credits. These can be used to purchase various items and cosmetics from Overwatch, but not necessarily all of them. With Legacy Credits being transferred from your Overwatch Credits, you may be wondering how to transfer them.

How to transfer Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

If you have properly synched your Battle.net account to Overwatch and Overwatch 2, the transfer of your credits to Legacy Credits should be automatic. You will see your total Legacy Credits in your in-game wallet and the items you can purchase with them. If you did not play Overwatch, did not have any remaining in-game credits, or are using a different Battle.net account, you will not be able to get Legacy Credits through this transfer.

How to get more Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to get more Legacy Credits outside of the automatic transfer from Overwatch. Blizzard detailed Legacy Credits in an Overwatch 2 blog post, but the mention of a way to get more was left out. This leads us to believe you cannot get them in another way, but we will update this guide with more information if it is released.

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