Eventually, you will need to get a password to pass through a door to gain access to a lab area during the out-of-the-blue quest in the Steel Reign questline. In short, you can get the password by using a hint you will get from a note that will have the words Open Sesame Seed in all caps. 

These words are a clever hint that you will need to use to decode the actual password that will let you through a door locked by three keypads. However, to get the password from the coded message, Open Sesame Seed, you will need to decode the message using a number chart on a nearby wall.

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Using the chart, you can decode the message by lining up each letter in all three words with a corresponding number, as shown by the chart. Doing so will then get you will the following code you will need to put into the keypads to unlock the door to the lab area. 

  • 12 11 22 13 – First key lock
  • 8 22 8 26 14 22 – Second key lock
  • 8 22 22 23 – Third key lock

Once you get the codes, you will then need to put the codes into the keylocks in the order as listed above -doing so will unlock the door, thus allowing you to progress in the quest.

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