Dead by Daylight’s newest killer is Sadako Yamamura, otherwise known as “The Onryo.” Onryo is a Japanese word that translates to “vengeful spirit”. In Japanese traditional stories and beliefs, Onryo are ghosts who were wronged in their lifetime and return to cause harm to the living.

Sadako Yamamura is one of the most iconic horror characters, first originating in Koji Suzuki’s novel, The Ring. Yamamura became an Onryo after enduring a difficult life of losing her parents to tragedy, contracting an illness, and being thrown down and sealed in a well. The story has been adapted into movies, novels, and even a manga series.

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Many fans may know of Sadako’s powers from the films where she is able to crawl through a TV and cause victims to die within seven days. In the stories, Sadako had physic powers when she was alive and used something called “nensha,” the ability to burn images into objects using the mind. Sadako was able to burn images into electronic objects, which she uses as an Onryo to appear out of TVs.

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Sadako may be one of the most famous Onyro characters, but she is not the first in Dead by Daylight. Rin Yamaoka, nicknamed “The Spirit,” is an Onyro who returned to enact revenge on the world for the grisly murder of her parents. The Spirit is a character created by Dead by Daylight, while Sadako is a real character from iconic Japanese media.

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