Omega Strikers is Odyssey Interactive’s fast-paced team-based action sports title. It features a deceptively simple look, but its gameplay has some depth. As such, it can be hard to pick up on the game at first, which may leave you wondering how to play Omega Strikers and looking for tips and tricks to increase your skill.

How to play Omega Strikers – Strategies

Omega Strikers combines fast-paced sports gameplay with a deep tactical arena brawler. Two teams of three battle it out to score goals while also fighting against one another with a range of powerful abilities. With many things to keep track of in-game, such as attacking and defending the core, team composition, abilities, and more, it can be easy to get overwhelmed at first. We have compiled a list of tips, tricks, and strategies to help beginners with the title, which you can find below.

Time your strikes

The primary method of moving the core is to strike it with your neutral attack. This, however, has a cooldown just as your abilities do, meaning when you strike is important. We recommend trying to strike the core second, as this lets the opponent strike the ball and for you to return while their strike is on cooldown. Hitting the core second prevents your opponent from simply bouncing it back toward you and your goal, so work on timing your shots and not simply hitting the core when an opportunity arises.

Aim your shots

It can be an easy habit to fall into where you simply shoot the core straight ahead of you. But you need to angle your shots for two reasons: getting around the goalie and passing to your teammates. When defending, you should be pushing the core toward your teammates in addition to away from the goalkeeper. This sets them up to bring the core forward and potentially score. When shooting on goal, aim for the corners or away from the goalkeeper. This makes it harder for them to block the shot, potentially miss their defense, or move out of position for a follow-up strike.

Knock out opponents

Knocking out your opponents isn’t the main goal of Omega Strikers, but it is a valuable tip to remember. When an opponent is knocked out, they must sit out for five seconds, giving you an advantageous 3v2 situation. The best time to knock opponents out is on a kickoff when an opposing player must push an outside spawning core, placing them near the edge. Additionally, when an opposing player goes to pick up a power orb, you can potentially snipe them and push them to the edge, thus knocking them out.

Customize your Trainings

Trainings are small perks and bonuses you can equip before a match. These will affect your character, your abilities, and more, so equipping the most optimized Trainings will pay off. Pay attention to the character you are using and build your Trainings to properly support their kit and your play style. These passives are crucial for maximizing your character’s strengths and increasing your win rate. We recommend experimenting as there are many Trainings to choose from and you may find certain builds that work better than others.

Level up

To the left of your character’s stagger bar is a number—this represents your level. It is not immediately obvious, but you can gain experience throughout a match, which increases your power. You gain experience from hitting the core, knocking out enemies, getting power orbs, and scoring goals. As you level up, almost all of your attributes will increase, giving you an advantage over lower-level players. With higher levels come increased attack, speed, reduced cooldowns, and more.

Play your position

This may be obvious, but if you are a goalie, then you should stay in the goal or, at the least, on your side of the arena. Forwards should play up front where they can score goals. It can be tempting to push up as a goalie and help your teammates, but a quick counter-attack can leave your goal wide open. Likewise, a forward may want to fall back and help their defenders, but this leaves the other side of the arena completely open and makes it harder to mount an offensive. That being said, you shouldn’t simply just stay in your goal as a goalkeeper or stand in the opposing goal as a forward. Know the limits of your character and play in an area that you can effectively defend or attack.

Use the arena to your advantage

This ties in to aiming your shots and leveling up. One of the most important skills you can pick up is mastering bank shots. This lets you hit otherwise impossible angles by bouncing the core off the wall. This is effective for getting around a skilled defender or getting the core out of your team’s side. Also, note where power orbs spawn, as these provide a good experience boost and a buff. You can see what buffs a power orb provides in the top-left corner of the character select menu. Make sure you and your team are getting these before the opposing team does to ensure you come out on top.

Don’t just chase the ball

This is an easy habit to pick up and a hard one to break. As scoring the core is the primary objective, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of chasing the core and striking it. Instead, you should work with your team to push the core forward smartly, moving it around the opposing team and into their goal. Pass the ball forward to teammates, strike it off walls to get a good bounce, and use your abilities strategically for maximum effect. Properly timing your strikes, abilities, and placing yourself in the optimal position can change the tide of the game.

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