Maude has been a staple of GTA V/Online since its initial release back in 2013. Catch some bounties, take them to Maude and she will be a happy bunny and give you some money. What about when you don’t receive her texts online though? Here are suggestions on how to fix it.

There can be any number of scenarios where online games are concerned which can cause a mission to glitch and not activate. A number of players over the years have encountered Maude ghosting them. So, we’ll go through the steps to try and resolve that.

Strip Your Title

One of the reported reasons Maude can stop texting you is if you are a CEO or an Associate.

As crazy as it sounds, people have received texts immediately after resigning from a CEO role, or after a friend of theirs has resigned from being CEO whilst they have been an Associate.

The reason for this is unknown, but if you have a title attached to your character try going back to being unaffiliated for a few minutes and see if the texts start coming back in again.

Hang Around Your Base for a Minute

Some people have found that they do not have to resign to get the text to come through, but just had to enter their base/office, leave again and wait at the entrance. After this the texts were received again.

With this in mind, it does seem as though there is a problem with CEO recognition and Maude’s bounty missions. If you are scared of pulling the plug for President or VIP etc, try going to your main base of operations first and see if it jolts the game to recognize that you are missing texts.

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Pay Maude a Visit

Image via Rockstar Games

If that doesn’t work, another thing to try is driving to Maude’s house.

It sounds simple we know, but it has been proven by YouTuber Oce-Manny that if you park outside Maude’s after not receiving texts, then messages will literally start flooding in. It’s as though being in her vicinity causes a reset in the game.

If you haven’t headed over to Sandy Shores in a while, drop in at her place and see if she becomes a bit more talkative again!

Log Out and Log In

This one is the age old advice that every gamer ever has been given. Sometimes, however, it does just work. If a piece of code in the game hasn’t run properly at start up it can affect a number of things, so it’s always worth giving this a try just in case.

We will keep an eye out for anymore tips to try and resolve this problem, but hopefully this list will have already done the trick.

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