In the space exploration game No Man’s Sky, you are able to obtain a wide variety of different resources. One of these many resources is known to explorers as Activated Copper (Cu+). It is similar to Copper, but it has been activated by the extreme conditions in which it was found, making it far more valuable.

In order to find Activated Copper, you will need to look for planets that are orbiting yellow stars. Once you’ve landed on one of these planets, you can use the Analysis Visor to find the specific resource deposits. If you’re not having any luck finding Activated Copper this way, you can also try to salvage some from other starships at a Starship Outfitting Terminal.

How to use Activated Copper

You can’t use Activated Copper to craft anything, but you can use it to refine several different items via a Refiner. These items include:

  • Chromatic Metal
    • Refine Activated Copper – Chromatic Metal x1
    • Refine Activated copper + Pure Ferrite – Chromatic Metal x2
  • Magnetized Ferrite
    • Refine Activated Copper + Ferrite Dust – Magnetized Ferrite x2

You can also use Activated Copper to repair Corroded Tanks.

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