At the time of writing, the current number of active New World players is around 80k. 80k a fraction of what we initially saw at launch, and the 200k we last reported. But also like the last reported, It’s worth pointing out that 80k is a general number and is not the exact number. Currently, we have two number ranges floating around.

See Best Gaming Deals on Amazon reported around 77k as the total number of active players. Steamcharts reports a slightly higher number of 85k. Either way, the exact number is subject to change and is somewhere around the 80k margin. The Number will also fluctuate quite regularly so it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact figure, but it remains in the 80k margin.

One thing is for sure: New World has seen a steady drop in players since its launch. The decline can safely be attributed to the plethora of issues, with queues, game-breaking bugs, etc. Because of this, it makes sense why the player base dropped down so much. 

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Current New World Server Populations

The New World Server Population of 70 to 80k is split across several servers. Like preivous months, the majority of players are on EU Central severs. According to, the total of players currently on EU Central numbers around 44k, a very low number compared to the 120k we last reported. 

In theory, this would make EU Central the most populated region for New World, indicating that more EU players are playing the game. But it’s worth noting that the number could be inflated due to players from other regions creating characters in EU Central in the hopes of escaping queue times. 

Nonetheless, it’s still clear that most of the player base resides on EU Central. For the other numbers and the full list of New World server populations, check the chart below.

RegionCurrent Server Population Old Server Population
EU Central43k+ Players120k+ Players
AP Southeast10k+ Players30k+ Players
US West6k+ Players14k+ Players
SA East3k+ Players10k+ Players
US East6+ Players40k+ Players

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