To level up Fishing in New World, you will need to pick a good fishing spot such as a secret or rare fishing spot and fish to your heart’s content. You will also need to take steps to get only the best fish, and you will need to farm fish.

The more fish you catch, the faster you will level up your fishing in the game, and the rarer fish you catch, the more XP you will earn from fishing. That said, we highly recommend fishing with easy-to-grab bait such as firefly.

Using bait increases the chance for fish to bite your bait, so it is highly recommended to cut down on the waiting time between each fish or object you find.

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Overall, fishing is one of the most straightforward skills to level but one of the most time-consuming. However, you can also speed up the rate at which you can fish by either getting better fishing poles or leveling your focus attribute.

Better fishing poles will often have increased harvest rates for fishing and perks to boost the rate you can fish, and the focus attribute can offer special bonuses towards fishing. Here’s the full list of bonuses you can get with each rank of focus in New World.

Special PerkPoints RequiredWhat it does
First Focus Attribute Perk50 Points+10 mana regen and 10 percent fishing line tension.
Second Focus Attribute Perk100 Points+20 mana pool and 10 percent change yield increase when salvaging.
Third Focus Attribute Perk150 Points+20 healing output and -10 percent decrease the carry weight of fish
Fourth Focus Attribute Perk200 Points+20 duration on casted buffs and +10 percent fishing line tension
Fith Focus Attribute Perk250 Points+30 mana on any self or group kill, and 10 percent increase to all caught fish.
Sixth Focus Attribute Perk300 PointsWhen your mana hits zero gain 200 percent more mana regen for 10 seconds and 10 percent cooldown reduction for inn fast travel.

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