If you are wondering if beta progress carries over into the full release of New World, the answer is no. Beta progress will in fact, not carry over, and all progress will be wiped once the open beta soon to arrive this September concludes. 

This means any progress made, items, including your entire character, will be wiped, and so you will not be able to use them in the full release. 

So keep this in mind before heading into the open beta, and try not to make too much progress so that you don’t ruin your enjoyment of the full New World experience.

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We recommend using the beta as a way to explore many of the features that will be in the full release, such as crafting, PVE, and the many PVP elements and events players can take part in. Along with that, make sure to play around with the resource gathering, as it is one of the game’s strongest points. 

That said, if you want to play the beta in September, make sure to head on over to the Steam store page and request access by finding the option to request access using the Steam Playtest tool. Doing so should allow you to play the game shortly after, once access has been granted to your Steam account.

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