To level up cooking in New World, players will need to craft low-level recipes in large numbers until they eventually increase their level in cooking. Players will also need to either use the kitchen at settlements or build a campfire out in the wild to cook. That said, once you are at a kitchen or campfire, the best way to level cooking is to start with recipes such as light rations that are easy to make with easy-to-find resources.

The more you gather said resources up, the more cooking recipes you will be able to make, which will supply you with a steady XP.

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The more XP you earn will go far to raising your cooking level in New World. As you rise in the ranks of cooking, move on to better and higher-level foods. But remember, only focus on recipes that require easy-to-obtain resources.

Trust us when we say you will find it’s far easier to farm provision chests, boars, and even turkeys than going on a wild goose chase for certain resources.

It’s because you will spend more time looking for the resources rather than cooking and leveling up the skill. So with this method, you only farm easy to obtain resources and make a lot of low to mid-level recipes to get the most XP possible.

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