To level arcana in New World, you will need to farm materials to make easy to make potions. The reason is that low-level potions can be made in large quantities, so the more items you make, the more XP you will earn.

This XP will, in turn, go towards raising your arcana skill by a lot, which will be enough to help you unlock better items to craft and farm. However, as a rule of thumb, you should always farm and craft easy-to-make items rather than harder items that require rarer materials.

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The items may be far superior to the low levels, but they are not suitable for quickly leveling your arcana skill. They cost too much, and you will spend far too much time search for the resources than making items and earning XP.

That said, we highly recommend making the following items as they are easy to make in large numbers in New World.

  • Weak Health Potions
  • Weak Mana Potions
  • Common Health Potions
  • Common Mana potions
  • Iron Life Staff
  • Iron Ice Gauntlet
  • Iron Fire Staff

As you level up by making these items, you will unlock more items to craft, which you can move on to farm for XP. But if you want to earn the most XP for leveling Arcana, going with an easy recipe is always the best choice. 

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