The launch of Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker has been a momentous occasion for the popular MMO. The Final Fantasy XIV 6.0 update changed several of the game’s systems, including the game’s text commands. 6.0 introduces several new commands to make the player experience smoother and added adjustments to others.

We’ve listed each new text command, and the changes to several existing text commands detailed by Square Enix below:

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/ridepillionAllows players to ride the pillion on a selected party member’s mount. Subcommand [seat number] will enable players to select their desired seat.
/patchnoteYou can open the Patch Notes page on the official Final Fantasy XIV site using your default browser.
/petglamourChange the appearance of special summons. You must resummon the egi for the glamour to take effect. Not available in PvP.
/petsizeChange the size or particular summons. This change will not apply to other users, and players cannot use it in PvP.
/battleeffect“enemypc” subcommand has been added for this text command, allowing players to toggle the effects of enemy PvP combatant.
/gtoffadded as a placeholder for the following text commands: /action, /pvpaction, /blueaction, /fieldmarking, /generalaction (allows for instant action execution.)
/?Will no longer show information on emotes you have not yet unlocked
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

To see every change introduced in Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.0 update, head over to the official Patch 6.0 Notes page from Square Enix.

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