With the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, a host of new content has been added, and the prizes for Manderville Golden Saucer are no exceptions. 

At present though there’s only a single new prize added as an MGP prize in Endwalker. That’s the False Spectacles fashion accessory. These are available from the Gold Saucer Attendant <Prize Claim> NPC. They’re listed under the Prize Exchange II menu. Quickly navigate to them selecting the Show only recently added items option, and headed to the Other tab.

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The current pricing of the False Spectacles is 100,000 MGP, making them quite a steep purchase. But they’re also the first glasses-like item to use the Fashion Accessory section of the game. This was previously only reserved for items like cushions and parasols.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

To use the False Spectacles, navigate to the Fashion Accessories menu in the Character tab. The spectacles only work outside of instances, as they effectively use the same slot as a minion. This means they’re perfect for takings screenshots and other glamour uses, but little else.

This new Fashion Accessory hints that maybe Square Enix is looking into more ways to add glamors and customization to FFXIV. One of the common complaints for experience players is a lack of storage space for glamour items, and migrating some options to the Fashion Accessories section of their inventory would definitely help.

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