To play trivia in NBA 2K22, head to the Neighborhood in MyCareer and open the smartphone by pressing left on the D-pad. Then, scroll down to the X Trivia app, which looks like an X logo on the phone. Trivia is only available every day at 9 pm ET, so players must go to trivia before that time. It will start, then ask the first question.

Trivia questions are multiple-choice with four options and the topics range from basketball to history to random facts. Questions require answers within a few seconds, so you must be quick to submit your answer. Answers can be chosen by moving the left stick or D-pad in the direction of the answer you choose, then pressing X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox).

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Correct trivia answers will earn you a certain amount of VC, and if you make it to the end of trivia, you can share a pot of hundreds of thousands of VC.

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The questions in trivia increase in difficulty with each question, but some may find some questions much easier than others. Check the event schedule to see when trivia starts in your local time and check it out. You may just win a lot of VC for your MyPlayer.

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