Playing My Time at Sandrock as a newbie can be extremely intimidating, as you’re dropped into a new world with an ambitious goal to rise from the ruins. Here are our top tips for interacting with the town, strategies for upgrading and expanding, as well as tricks to maximize efficiency in My Time at Sandrock.

What to focus on as a beginner in Sandrock

Upgrade workshops & maintain equipment

Workshops are one of the most essential aspects in the formula for getting ahead as a newcomer in My Time at Sandrock. Do not neglect to upgrade them as often as feasible, as this is a surefire way to end up with failed commissions and delayed quests. You’ll want to apply the same attitude to your appliances and machinery since it’s as important as your character getting to sleep every night. You cannot expand a town without proper care (dusting, fuel, water) of your equipment.

Find & expand resources

You can find many available resources to procure at Eufalfa Salvage on the South side of the town. Keep an eye out for trash you’ll spot all across the map while completing other tasks, too. Picking garbage up is quick and boosts resources quickly. As you gather resources, make sure to expand your inventory storage as often as possible by hitting the + sign on the right side. Having a large inventory means less time choosing what to keep and what to leave behind.

How to be selective and maximize time in My Time at Sandrock

Go to sleep at a good hour

Going to sleep before it gets too late in the evening will benefit you immensely as a beginner in My Time at Sandrock. This is because you fill up more stamina based on the amount of sleep you get the night before. While you are a beginner to the game, stamina is much harder to come by, so prioritizing sleep means you are maximizing energy for the next day’s tasks.

Choose commissions that are right for you

One of the best ways to get ahead as a beginner in My Time at Sandrock is to make your decisions with thoughtfulness. The main way to do this at the very start is to only pick commissions that you are certain you’ll be able to complete since the game punishes you by lowering your reputation if you don’t finish the quest. You can only take one commission a day, so choosing one you are comfortable with is important to not waste your time and damage your town’s reputation.

Best way to talk to NPCs in My Time at Sandrock

Talk to everyone you see

NPCs are all over town in My Time at Sandrock, so you may wonder whether they’re there for show or for a specific reason. Talking to NPCs and building your relationships with them is an easy way to get gifts and discounts at shops. Don’t go out of your way to talk to NPCs when you’re a beginner in the game, as you often have a lot on your plate. Instead, talk to NPCs as you pass them during the day.

Don’t talk to everyone too much

While talking to all of the people you see in town on a daily basis, you really don’t need to do the repeatedly within one day. This is because you have a cap per day for how much your relationships can improve with NPCs. Look for the notification of bonus points for your relationship with the NPC you’re speaking with to know you’ve talked to them enough for a day.

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