Gizmo and Stripe are creatures from Gremlins that are expected to appear as playable characters in Multiversus on September 6, 2022.

The Multiversus Twitter account shared a video teasing the characters, featuring Gizmo’s fluffy hand poking out of a chest, and what appears to be Stripe darting across the screen. Audio files for both Stripe and Gizmo have been leaked, with some evidence pointing to the two being linked, and some evidence pointing to both being separate playable characters.

Who is Stripe?

Image via Warner Bros.

Stripe is the villain in Gremlins who was first teased on the loading screen of Multiversus Season 1. Stripe appears along with Black Adam on the loading screen, but not much has been known about when they will arrive as playable characters. Morty was the first character released in Season 1 and now with the Multiversus teaser, it appears Stripe and Gizmo will be the next releases.

Who is Gizmo?

The adorable main character from Gremlins was not included in the Stripe reveal, so he was not expected to join the roster right away. However, the teaser stating “a fluffy surprise headed your way” with Gizmo’s hands popping out of a chest seems like a clear indication of him becoming a playable character.

At least one of the characters should become playable on September 6, but an update time has yet to be released.

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