MultiVersus is a platform fighter by Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games that features characters from various Warner Bros. franchises. It features a lengthy tutorial to bring you up to speed in the game, but one is giving players trouble. You may be wondering how to complete the Knockback Influence Tutorial in MultiVersus.

How to complete the MultiVersus KBI Tutorial

To complete this advanced tutorial in MultiVersus, you must complete two parts. The second part is what is giving players trouble on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. It asks you to survive via input: “Hold down and left to rotate your Knockback and avoid getting rung out.” This seems to be bugged, as the developers modified knockback in the game but did not fix this for the tutorial.

Fortunately, users like Redditor skankdaddy880 and others have come up with a work around to complete the Knockback Influence Tutorial. That being said, here are some ways you can complete the KBI tutorial in MultiVersus:

  • PC: Hold down on the keyboard and tap left after getting hit twice. This requires some timing. Some users also claim pressing the Print Screenshot key works as well.
  • Xbox: Hold down and left and press the Xbox button. Press it again to return to the game.
  • PlayStation: Hold down and left and press the PlayStation button. Press it again to return to the game.

Until the MultiVersus team fixes this bug, the Knockback Influence Tutorial cannot be completed the legitimate way, and you must use these techniques. When the issue is fixed, you should be able to complete the tutorial as intended.

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