In MultiVersus, players will get to choose from a range of iconic characters from popular culture, and one of them includes Bugs Bunny from the Looney Toons. If you are looking for a character to attack opponents from distance, then Bugs Bunny is the perfect Mage to choose in MultiVersus. Here’s everything you need to know about Bugs Bunny’s moves, perks, and strategies in MultiVersus.

How to play Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny is a Mage character who can summon objects to attack opponents, and quickly move away from attacks. This character has a versatile range of abilities that can be effectively used to devastate opponents while providing support for allies. Here is how to play Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus.

All Bugs Bunny moves in MultiVersus


  • Whack-y Ain’t It? (Neutral)
    • A powerful mallet swing
  • Why I Oughta (Side)
    • A spinning combo of punches that break armor
  • Rabbit Kick (Up)
    • A powerful upward kick
  • Pie Barrage! (Down)
    • Throw pie as a projectile after equipping, it can heal allies and slow enemies
  • A Safe Investment (Special Neutral)
    • Bugs drops a safe projectile that can be used to strike opponents. The safe can be destroyed upon which it drops an item.
  • Ain’t I A Charmer? (Special Side)
    • Bugs blows a kiss that charms and stuns opponents. Kissing the enemy enrages them and they follow up with a weakened attack.
  • Special Delive-Rocket (Special Up)
    • Bugs launches a projectile rocket that goes up and eventually comes down. Allies can grab onto the rocket.
  • Bunny Barrow (Special Down)
    • Bugs Bunny burrows down and becomes invulnerable while underground. Bugs rises from the ground attacking the opponent and creating a tunnel with an entrance and an exit. Allies can use this tunnel, and Bugs Bunny can move about by simply jumping in.


  • Helicopter Punch (Neutral)
    • Bugs Bunny delivers a rapid round of spinning punches
  • Flying Rabbit’s Foot (Side)
    • A powerful forward kick
  • Swing Batta Batta! (Up)
    • A powerful swing with a baseball bat
  • Look Out Below! (Down)
    • If pie is equipped, Bugs Bunny throws it as a projectile. Without the pie, Bugs performs a mallet swing
  • Safe Painter (Special Neutral)
    • Instead of dropping the safe as a projectile, Bugs Bunny paints a safe making it spawn quicker
  • Rocket Rider (Special Side)
    • Bugs Bunny launches a rocket that moves up and can be used by allies as a platform.
  • Special Delive-Rocket (Special Up)
    • Bugs launches a projectile rocket that goes up and comes down. This move is similar to the Special Delive-Rocket Grounded attack.
  • Bun on the Run (Special Down)
    • Bugs will dive toward the ground before burrowing

Passive Ability

  • Dynamite, Doc?
    • When Bugs Bunny is in a crouched position, he pulls out a box that gives a random item that is launched towards the closest ally

Best perks for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus

Perks unlock as you level up your character, and are exceedingly efficient in turning the tide of any fight. Having the same Perks as your partners yields bonuses in 2v2 matchups. While Bugs Bunny has a few Perks, we recommend using the below once you increase the character’s Mastery Level.

  • Sturdy Dodger
    • Neutral dodging a projectile gives your team armor for a second
  • Aerial Acrobat
    • 10% aerial acceleration increased for allies
  • Second Wind Beneath Your Wings
    • Air special attacks refresh for allies after throwing an opponent outside the ring.
  • Lingering Love
    • Bugs Bunny’s Aint I A Charmer leaves a floating heart which increases the charm duration on enemies walking through it.

Tips and Strategies for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny is agile and it’s best to fight with this character from a distance. His passive ability allows allies to get random items. Bugs Bunny’s Special Delive-Rocket is slow but massive in size. Although it can be avoided, the rocket ends up damaging opponents more often than not. Similarly, Bugs Bunny’s Pie attacks can be highly effective, but it ends quickly when overused.

Swing Batta Batta! and Ain’t I A Charmer are strong attacks that can devastate opponents. You will also get to burrow and go underground as Bugs Bunny, and deal a little damage while coming out. Make sure to always check your position before doing this, so that allies can use the tunnel too. It is best to avoid fighting at close range with Bugs Bunny, as this character can perish easily against stronger opponents.

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