In BitLife, playing the attic mini-game gives players an opportunity to search for Heirlooms—and that could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a billionaire! Like real-life Heirlooms, the things you find in the game can be worth as little as $1 to as much as a whopping $1,200,000,000.

Search for Heirlooms by clicking on the New Heirloom! announcement right above the Job and Assets buttons. Doing so will prompt the attic mini-game, which comprises a dark room and a flashlight. Simply pick up the flashlight and drag it across the room to find an Heirloom. Upon finding one, the game will tell you what you’ve found and how much it’s approximately worth. It’ll also tell you how much time you have to wait for the next Heirloom to appear, which is basically the next day at midnight real-time.

Here’s a breakdown of the most valuable Heirlooms in BitLife:

HeirloomAverage Price
Holy Grail$1,200,000,000
Ark of the Covenant$125,000,000
Charlemagne’s crown$30,000,000
1702 Stradivarius violin$8,800,000
Galileo’s Telescope$3,500,000
Louis Armstrong’s trumpet$2,500,000
Duke Silver’s Tenor Saxophone$2,000,000
10-Carat Diamond$1,500,000
1945 Romanee-Conti wine bottle$550,000
Titanic anchor$525,000
Ancient Greek Amphora$512,500
Ancient Greek Amphora$500,000
Shield from the Crusades$300,000
Thomas Edison’s Lightbulb$275,000
Dalmore 62 Whiskey Bottle$250,000
Medieval Dagger$125,000
Marilyn Monroe’s Lipstick$100,000

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Apart from the above, all other Heirlooms are worth $50,000 and under. But keep in mind that even if you score a high-value item, there’s a chance for it to break by playing with it as a child.

You need to be over 12 years old to sell the Heirloom, which you can do by clicking on the Assets menu, selecting the Heirloom you want to sell, and choosing a price you want to sell it for. A buyer needs to be interested in it so the chances of selling are not guaranteed.

Warning: if your Heirloom’s durability drops, its price may also drop. Meanwhile, some Heirlooms, like the Holy Grail, may gain value over time.

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