Since the game’s release, Sea of Thieves has been updated with massive amounts of new content, Tall Tales, and treasures. With every major update comes new types of treasure to find and sell, and players are always on the lookout for the rarest shinies that will get them the most coin. In the list below, we have outlined the most expensive treasure chests and loot you can sell.

Note: Because they’re rewards for completing a story rather than loot that you have to find, we have opted to exclude some Tall Tale chests from this list. Everything listed below is the loot that you have to get by defeating enemies, exploring the seas, and doing tasks!

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests are the primary source of income for most pirates in Sea of Thieves. Most Trading Companies are interested in most Treasure Chests, and with high emissary value, they can be the most lucrative method of obtaining wealth. In this list, you’ll find the name of the treasure, its max value levels based on Emissary Level (EL), and sources where you can obtain them.

ChestMax Value (EL 1)Max Value (EL 5)Source(s)
Box of Wondrous Secrets25k Gold25k GoldNon-Special Devil’s Roar Islands
Chest of Ancient Secrets3.9k Gold9.75k GoldGold Hoarder Treasure Vaults
Chest of Sorrow3.5k Gold8.75k GoldAll Treasure Chest Methods
Chest of Rage3.5k Gold8.75k GoldAll Treasure Chest Methods
Stronghold Chest3k Gold7.5k GoldSkeleton Forts, Krakens, Skeleton Ships, Megalodon

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Other Loot

If you don’t exclusively look for Treasure Chests, you can make plenty of money by finding these other rare loot items on your travels and selling them to the right company.

LootMax Value (EL 1)Max Value (EL 5)Source(s)
Ashen Winds Skull10k Gold25k GoldAshen Winds World Events
Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel6k Gold15k GoldSkeleton Forts, Shipwrecks, Skeleton Captains Orders, Black Powder Voyages
Crate of Ancient Bone Dust5.4k Gold13.5k GoldSkeleton Forts, Krakens, Megalodons, Black Powder Voyages
Keg of Ancient Black Powder5k Gold12.5k GoldAthena’s Run Voyages, Fort of Fortune, Athena’s Fortune Emissary Quest
Stronghold Skull4.2k Gold10.5k GoldSkeleton Forts, Skeleton Ships, Krakens, Megalodons
Crate of Precious Gemstones3.6k Gold9k GoldAll General Loot Methods

Those are all the most valuable Treasure Chests and loot items in the game! Don’t forget that most of these are very rare, so sometimes it may be more worthwhile to collect quantity over quality to get more Gold Coins!

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