As Pokémon Go wraps up another year, players will undoubtedly have many questions. If you were one of them and wondering what the most commonly encountered Pokémon in 2021 was, you are in luck. One user on Reddit has painstakingly recorded published their findings to this question.

Reddit user mertcatal has gone through and compiled this information. According to the data, Eevee was the most encountered Pokémon in Pokémon Go in 2021 with an incredible lead. Following Eevee were Aron and Oshawott.

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Image via mertcatal

The process used to gather this information is detailed in the post by mertcatal. The user created a new account and kept note of which Pokémon were encountered that year manually. This is a tremendous effort but certainly brings up some interesting data.

Another Reddit user brings up a valid question in community days where a specific Pokémon, such as Piplup, essentially overtakes Pokémon Go. Events like this could radically alter this data. mertcatal did not respond to this question, so whether or not this was taken into account is unknown.

This is certainly not representative of every user’s experience in Pokémon Go for 2021, but it could reflect a good portion. Looking at our own Pokémon, we did see a good amount of Eevee on there as well.

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