Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategy heavily influenced by XCOM, Hearthstone, and Warhammer 40K franchises. That interesting cocktail has a lot to offer, as the units (figurines) on the virtual tabletop battlefield are essentially cards with unique abilities. Your success will often depend on your choice of support units, as they can quickly turn the tide. Here’s a tier list of the best support units in Moonbreaker!

All Moonbreaker Support Units Tier List

In Moonbreaker Early Access, units are not strictly defined by their roles, but it’s obvious which mini-figures are more helpful than others. As this game is still in development, more units will come while others will be buffed or nerfed. At the moment, this is the Moonbreaker best support units tier list.

SCrankbait, Stitchy McPatchy, Torian Guardian
ASavria Safeguard, Taria Arsenal
BDeadeye, Necahual, Tona Mystic Manteo, Ursix Nectarvine
CDrumdancer Tlalli, Fatetwister Tantun, Quetzalli

Best Support units in Moonbreaker


  • Crankbait is one of the most valuable units in the game because of its simple yet effective ability to move units toward itself. As this unit is very fast, it can pull slower but deadlier melee units closer to the battle or pull out team members in a tough spot. It helps that Crankbait has 9 health so that it can last longer on the battlefield.

Stitchy McPatch

  • Stitchy McPatch is your typical medic as it restores 3 health to the unit. That is pretty straightforward but useful if you’re a fan of defensive tactics. This unit will alleviate pressure, especially if your opponent uses Plink or some other offensive Assist.

Torian Guardian

  • Torian Guardian is probably overpowered, as he and his ally near him are 40% harder to hit. Mix that with some cover, and it makes that effectively untouchable. Torian also has excellent stats (3/7), costing 4 Cinder. That means you can have him very early on the battlefield, ready to defend your Captain.

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