When building your army, one of the most important positions is that of captain. This is the leader of your roster and the kill objective for your opponent. With different captains to choose from, you may be wondering what the best captain in Moonbreaker is.

BZax Ja’ka

All Captains in Moonbreaker, ranked

Currently, there are three captains in Moonbreaker, but Unknown Worlds Entertainment plan to add more. With that in mind, we have ranked the captains below in order of which is best.

S – Tier Astra

Astra claims the spot of best captain in Moonbreaker due to her excellent abilities. She can reduce the cost of your units, possibly reducing it to 0 and letting you play them for free. Secondly, she can remove the stun from a unit on summoning, letting them move and attack the turn they are played. Her damage output is the lowest of the three captains, but her abilities more than makeup for this.

A Tier – Extilior

Extilior is a powerhouse of a unit but suffers from a slow movement speed and the fact that other units can simply run away. Pairing Exilior with movement units and support abilities is crucial to making Extilior viable. That being said, he is capable of dealing insane damage when he gets close, and his abilities provide great support and defense to your surrounding units.

B – Zax Ja’ka

Zax Ja’Ka is an interesting character but requires a lot more work and setup than other captains. His abilities revolve around controlling the battlefield more so than directly engaging your opponent. His mines require a turn to arm and have low health, meaning they are easy to avoid or destroy. Zax Ja’ka can be effective at dealing large amounts of damage, but the requirement to do so isn’t as effective as playing one of the other captains.

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