Moonbreaker combines strategy, tabletop, and a digital environment. The main gameplay revolves around skirmishes between two players, each using a captain, ten units, and making a choice of randomly selected Assists. This may leave you wondering what the best Assists are in Moonbreaker.

All Assists Ranked in Moonbreaker

SCinder Infusion, Orbital Strike, Plink, Stimburst, Stowaway
ACorrosive Particles, Lifeline, Stasis Field
BDisrupter Beam, Escape Hatch, Medical Recall, Vortex Beam
CIon Storm, Charged Nanoshield

Best Assists in Moonbreaker

We recommend seeking these Assists out when making your selection at the start of a match. While these are generally what we consider the best Assists, keep in mind your captain, units, and play style when making a choice, as some Assists aren’t as versatile but can be powerful with the right setup. Here are our recommendations for the best Moonbreaker Assists.

Cinder Infusion

Cinder Infusion is a phenomenal support Assist, providing two free Cinder and healing your captain by one health. The healing is nice, but it is the extra Cinder this Assist provides that makes it shine. With a cooldown of three, you are essentially getting two free Cinder every three turns. This lets you make big plays by either summoning more units, reinforcing, or using your abilities to the fullest.

Orbital Strike

Orbital Strike is easily the best offensive Assist in the game. While it has a high cooldown of four, it is capable of dealing three damage to each unit in its targeted area. This is extremely powerful against an opponent who bunches up units and is deadly when paired with Vortex Beam or Zax Ja’ka’s ability to pull units together. We recommend saving this as a trump card for when your opponent stacks their units a little too close together.

Plink seems a little underwhelming at first, but when you look at its cooldown of one, you are essentially capable of inflicting one damage to an enemy unit or healing one of your own units each turn. This is great for picking off enemies or giving one of yours a little needed health. The fact that Plink can be used every turn easily makes it one of the best Assists.


Stimburst is a versatile Assist that is a godsend for slower and melee units. This increases each unit’s movement speed in the targeted area by 50 percent, allowing your melee units to close the distance and get in the action. It is also good to help your units get into cover and avoid fire from your opponent’s ranged attacks. Stimburst needs a little bit of timing to be most effective, but it can easily let you make a power play at the right time.


As it costs valuable Cinder to reinforce yourself, using Stowaway to get a free reinforcement every two turns is incredibly helpful. This lets you keep your pool of playable units fresh while sparing the cost of Cinder. This is particularly useful when paired with Astra’s ability to reduce a unit’s cost in the Bridge or with the Escape Hatch Assist.

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