If you like roguelike games, you’re in for a treat with Monster Train. It has all the things you expect and stuff like tower defense and deck building. Also, you are a demon who fights against the forces of Heaven. When you mix it all up, the result is one hell of a ride (pun intended)!

The gameplay revolves around infernal champions, which are the main ingredient of your decks. Your choice of hero will dictate what kind of minions, spells, and artifacts you will use. In Monster Train, your demonic army is divided into six clans. Each clan has two champions, base and exiled. Base champions are the ones that you first get to play. If you want to learn more about them, don’t worry, we got that Monster Train Champions Ranked from weakest to strongest.

Which Monster Train Exiled Champion is the best?

Exiled champions come in different shapes, sizes, and abilities. Some are more dominant than others, but each is worthy of your attention. Your champion choice depends on what playstyle you like and what two clans you will take to battle. There are no terrible choices, but we had to rank them in some order. So let us introduce you to Monster Train: All Exiled Champions ranked from weakest to strongest!

Shardtail Queen (Hellhorned Clan)

If you want to play Shardtail Queen, you’ll have the best chance of success if you create a deck focused on Imps. These puny servants of darkness can be devastating because the Queen is using them as deadly projectiles (?!?). She can upgrade in three ways: Royalty (gains attack each time you play minion), Imperialist (kills Imps to deal damage to enemies), and Imp Parade (adds new Imp cards to your hand).

Solgard the Martyr (Stygian Clan)

Solgard the Martyr is a champion focused on spells. To succeed, you’ll need to create a deck with a few minions, which can be a risky strategy that can leave your hero unguarded. You can upgrade this sea creature with shard-dependent variations: Direchannel (deals massive damage to the front enemy unit), Coldchannel (applies Frostbite to enemies), and Titanchannel (gains strong stats but starts the game with Phased condition).

Primordium (Umbra Clan)

Primordium is a support unit that combines his gastronomy skills to buff other minions. His primary responsibility is to feed other units. Simply put, they will eat him to gain his buffed stats. His death can be temporary, as he can return with the previously buffed stats. His upgrades Superfood (adds stats and status effects to the eater), Aggressive Edible (attack bonus), and Stalwart Snack (improved Buffet—can be eaten multiple times before dying) will help your minions become unstoppable.

Little Fade (Melting Remnant Clan)

This little creature has everything you need if you like an offensive style of play. Little Fade has low health points, which can be good if you focus on Extinguish ability (dies and gains stats). She has Fire Light (buffs with each kill), Eternal Flame (Extinguish ability focused on buffing attack), and Little Icarus (keeps damage upgrades between battles) upgrades.

Wyldentren (Awaken Clan)

Wyldentren is a strong champion who can deal massive damage and take care of himself simultaneously. He is arguable the best exiled champion because of his ability to Root opponents (they can’t move to the next floor). And because the Sweep attack hits everyone, your enemies must kill Wyldentren to move up. This combination comes with a Strangler upgrade, which is excellent with a Predator upgrade (Quick ability and Multistrike). On the other hand, the Thornlord upgrade grants him the ability to buff attacks with cheap spells.

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