The second mission in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne x Monster Hunter Movie is called To Our World, where players must defeat a Rathalos!

To Our World Quest

To play the To Our World quest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, players need to have completed The New World Event Quest, which is the first quest in this two-part quest. To find the quest, head to the bounty board, and under Master Rank, then Events will be the To Our World Quest second on the list.

Like the first quest, the same rules still apply, which are:

  • It can only be played solo.
  • Players assume the role of Artemis.
  • Can only use quest specific equipment.
  • Only get to keep quest rewards (no items).
  • Food effects are lost upon departing on the quest.
  • Quest doesn’t count towards weapon usage, monster size, or slay stats on Guild Card.
  • Cannot use poses and gestures.

As you arrive in the Ancient Forest, a cutscene will play out, where you and the Admiral will split up to track down the menacing Rathalos. After it’s played out, access the item box if you want to change the limited equipment available, then head on out.

Follow the scoutflies until you reach Area 1, where the Rathalos will appear. Very much like The New World quest, you have to whittle the health of this beast down to about 50%, where it will become enraged, and a cutscene will occur. At this point, a storm appears on the horizon, which causes the Rathalos to flee. The Admiral will appear once again, and Artemis rides into this approaching storm to head back to her world and thusly ends the mission.

Completing this second quest earns you Artemis’s Notebook, which is needed to unlock the Artemis Layered Armor. As well as unlocking an assortment of extras, like poses, expressions, etc. Not bad!

To find out what bonuses the Artemis Alpha Set gets you, we’ve got you covered!

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