After finishing the Movie tie-in quests in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you will be able to craft one set of new armor, as well as a set of Layered armor!

How to Get the Artemis Armor

To get the Artemis Armor in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, first you must complete The New World Event Quest, as this will earn you the item chocolate to craft the armor set at the Smithy.

By completing The New World Event Quest, where you have to fight a Black Diablos, will earn you 5x Chocolate, which allows you to craft the entire Artemis Alpha Armor set in one go, instead of having to grind!

  • Artemis Alpha Set
    • Head: 1x Chocolate.
    • Mail: 1x Chocolate.
    • Guards: 1x Chocolate.
    • Coil: 1x Chocolate.
    • Greaves: 1x Chocolate.
    • 12000 z/piece.

The Artemis Alpha set has the following bonuses:

  • Artemis Alpha Set
    • Head
      • Peak Performance x2
        Earplugs x1
    • Mail
      • Earplugs x2
        Recovery Up x1
    • Guards
      • Health Boost x3
        Earplugs x1
    • Coil
      • Blight Resistance x2
        Recovery Up x2
    • Greaves
      • Stun Resistance x3
        Poison Resistance x2

That is not all. As this is a set-piece, extra bonuses are to be had, depending on the amount of the armor worn. When two pieces are equipped, you get Hasten Recovery, and when four are equipped, you get Great Luck.

How to Get the Artemis Layered Armor

To get the Artemis Layered Armor set, all you need to do is complete the second mission of this collab called To Our World. Upon finishing that, you will earn an item called Artemis’s Notebook, allowing you to wear her Layered Armor. So you can look like Artemis, but keep the current armor stats and bonuses!

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