Capcom shared a roadmap for all the free content coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak during the Capcom Showcase for Summer Game Fest 2022. The first free title update coming to the expansion will be arriving sometime in Aug. and includes the Lucent Nargacuga, which is a giant monster that is new to Monster Hunter Rise. The Aug. free update will also include a new Locale called the Forlorn Arena as well as new rare and special monster species.

Two more free title updates are slated to come to Sunbreak in the upcoming Fall and Winter. The Fall update is planned to include new rare and subspecies of monsters. The Fall update is also set to include new powered-up monsters. The Winter update is planned to include new special species and new powered-up monsters. Capcom promises more free title updates will be coming to Sunbreak in 2023.

Sunbreak is the first major expansion for Monster Hunter Rise. The full game released in early 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. The game proved a major hit with fans and critics, with many praising the title for the new monster designs and gameplay enhancements. Sunbreak will be making its way to the full game on June 30, and it will include brand new monsters to hunt and new quests for players to participate in. The expansion brings back old monsters from past games, and the storyline for the game focuses on a new monster known as the Elder Dragon Malzeno. The demo for Sunbreak is available right now.

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