While Modern Warfare 2, like previous entries in the Call of Duty series, has premade loadouts for players to use, there is also the option to create a custom class. This allows players to custom-build a class from scratch that utilizes all of the weapons, perks, and tactical equipment that best suits their playstyle. Here’s how to configure it.

Creating a Custom Class in Modern Warfare 2

When in the main menu, you’ll see a row of options along the top: Play, Weapons, Operators, Challenges, Store. Select Weapons to be brought to that screen. You’ll then see three options along the bottom: Multiplayer Loadout, Killstreaks, Vehicle Customization. Select Multiplayer Loadout. Selecting the + icon will allow players to create a custom class, for which there can be up to 10. When creating a custom class, players can choose their primary and secondary weapons, tactical and lethal equipment, perk package, and field upgrade.

There’s really no better way to play than with a custom class. When players build their own loadout, it’s custom-tailored to them and becomes even more as players unlock additional attachments, perks, and the like. So, now that you know how, go forth and put together that class of your dreams. While you’re at it, maybe give the M4 a shot.

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