Mini Motorways is one of the most underrated strategy games on the mobile and PC platforms. The road management builder game has one objective. Manage the traffic of your city by strategically building a network of roads. While it may sound simple, the game has a big learning curve and involves a lot of parameters to get a high score. You can get a high score in Mini Motorways by using separate lanes for each colored buildings. But it can get tricky and confusing as you expand later.

Tips and Tricks to get a high score in Mini Motorways

  • During the initial stage, build separate roadways for each colored buildings. For example, if you have a yellow and purple building, construct individual paths for each of them. The more you spread out, the higher your chances to prevent buildings from spawning at random locations. So, Don’t be stingy with your road tiles!
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  • Always try to build the shortest routes to your destination. Unlike popular opinion, straight lines are not the best solution. Analyze the given situation and construct a route according to it.
  • Divide the number of houses for each big house. For example, If you have two yellow big houses and four yellow-colored small houses. Allot two small houses for each big house.
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  • Do not connect all the houses unless there is a demand for them. It mainly applies to individual buildings that are far away from the big houses. You also save a lot of tiles and can be used for other things.  
  • You can change the entry point of any small houses to your choice. Don’t build on default points and change them to a suitable position facing the road.
  • Use the clock on the right hand of the screen to change the pace. Pause whenever you need to think of a strategy or Forward when nothing special is happening. 

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  • Understand the role of each unique tile in the game. There are four special tiles apart from the regular road tiles, Motorway, Traffic Signals, Bridges, and Round-Overs. On that note, we recommend not selecting the Traffic Signal tiles as it is pretty useless.
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  • You can always change the path of a Motorway whenever you desire. Change the Motorway to any route according to the traffic demand.
  • Place the Round-Overs strategically at a intersection, where traffic needs to be divided in four ways
  • Don’t buy any bridges after establishing pathways over water bodies. Usually, four to five routes are enough for connecting buildings across rivers. 

Remember, these are just some insights into the gameplay elements. But to consistently get high scores, You will need to practice and grind the game daily.

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