Minecraft Live is back, along with the chance to vote on a new mob. There are three mobs to vote for, and whichever wins will be introduced into Minecraft. With Minecraft Live 2022 and the mob vote coming up, you may be wondering how to cast your vote for the next Minecraft mob.

How to vote for mobs in Minecraft Live 2022

You will have to wait until October 142022, before you can cast your vote for the upcoming mobs. This comes a day before Minecraft Live 2022, but unlike previous votes, this one is slightly different. You must have the Minecraft Launcher or Minecraft website to put your vote in. Alternatively, you can vote through a special Minecraft Bedrock server that will open for the votes.

We know two out of the three mobs available to vote for. These are the Sniffler and the Rascal. The Sniffler is an ancient mob thought to be extinct. By finding its eggs, you can hatch one and follow it to seeds and rare plants. The Rascal lives underground and enjoys playing hide and seek. Players who can find it three times will be rewarded with an enchanted pickaxe.

Be sure to check out the Rascal and Sniffler on the official Minecraft YouTube channel to see each mob for yourself. Stay tuned for the reveal of the third mob, and prepare to vote for your favorite of the three.

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