To make spectral arrows in Minecraft, players will need both arrows and glowstone dust placed in a specific order inside a crafting table. 

You can make spectral arrows by using the same pattern with at least four glowstone and one arrow, as shown above.

To get the glowstone you need for the spectral arrow recipe in Minecraft, you will need to head to the Nether and mine it by breaking glowstone blocks. 

When a glowstone block is broken, it will drop glowstone dust. You can also find glowstone either by digging or finding it naturally in various parts of the Nether. 

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Now to get the arrows you need for the spectral arrows recipe, you will need the following materials listed below.

  • One Stick – You can make sticks from wood planks.
  • One Flint – mining gravel can get you flint. 
  • One Feather – Chickens can get you feathers.

Place these materials starting with flint, followed by the stick, and then feather to make arrows. 

Once you have some arrows, place them in with some glowstone using the recipe at the start of this guide to make spectral arrows in Minecraft.

 What are spectral arrows in Minecraft?

Spectral arrows are a special variant of arrows that, when fired at enemies will make them glow with a glowing outline effect that can be seen through blocks to help you keep track of them.

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