To make flaming arrows in Minecraft, you will need to get the flame enchantment as there is no item called flaming arrows in the game. 

But if you use the flame enchantment, you will get what are essentially flaming arrows, as the flame enchantment will make any arrows fired from a crossbow or bow cause flame damage.

That said, if you want to get flame in Minecraft, you will need to farm either enchanted books, fish for the enchantment book, or loot dungeons and treasure chests. 

You can also trade villagers for the book, but that all depends if a villager has the flame enchantment book, so it’s better to rely on more reliable methods. 

Starting with enchanted books, players can farm them if they have an enchanting table along with books, and lapis lazuli. 

Having at least 15 bookcases placed around the enchanting table with a one-block buffer zone is also recommended as it will increase the chances of getting higher-level enchantments.

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Beyond this option, you can also fish using an enchanted fishing pole, and potentially get enchanted books as a treasure reward.

To use the enchanted fishing pole option, you will first need to enchant a fishing pole with luck of the sea. 

Doing so will then increase the chances of you getting enchanted books while fishing. Next, after fishing is the option of trading either emeralds for books or looting dungeons; overall, both are decent options but shouldn’t be relied upon as they are the least likely to work in the game.

Once you get the flame enchantment through whatever means, place it on your bow either by using an anvil, and you will then get flaming arrows in Minecraft whenever you use the weapon on either a mob or a player in the game.

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