With so many different items players can farm within Minecraft, there are several great designs and ideas that players have come up with over the last decade. To cover the basic options for these, players can look into the essential farms for things like chicken, wool, honey, etc. Let’s dive into these farms!

The Produce Farm

While basic, food is extremely necessary for players in survival mode. Even after players are able to hunt and eat meat (which is more filling) produce will stop them from spending all their time killing off the nearby wildlife. Wheat, carrots, beetroot, and potatoes are the best crop options for food.

To have a simple but effective garden, section off 9×9 blocks with water on either end. Players can also make this build even more effective by turning it into an automatic garden. This can be achieved with the help of minecarts, hoppers, and chests beneath the garden.

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The Cow and Sheep Farm

For the next part of the essentials, players will need access to leather, wool, and steak. Each supply offers a needed goal to advance in-game. Wool for bedding, leather for armor, and steak for better healing and travel. While other livestock animals can make great additions, such as pigs and chickens, they don’t produce anything that is absolutely necessary.

These builds are simple and straightforward. Close off a space proportionate to the amount of livestock kept, make sure there is a grass source, and provide wheat to increase the population. This can also be made into an automatic farm with the same option as the previous farm.

The Iron Farm

Iron farms are fairly complex as it requires the player to spawn several iron golems. Luckily, there are several different ways to go about causing this to happen. The majority of what a player absolutely needs for this, no matter their build style, are some villagers, composters, and a zombie.

Villagers will need to be assigned the farmer task by the composters. Having a trapped zombie near the villagers will put them in enough danger that they will eventually cause an iron golem to be spawned. Once that is accomplished, players will need some quick easy way to trap and kill off the golem, such as lava and water.

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