If you’re exploring the Nether in Minecraft, there’s a chance you’ll stumble upon a Bastion Remnant. The remain of giant structures in the Nether, Bastions are one of the biggest natural sources of gold. So finding and exploring the Remnants can be a great way to boost your gold supplies!

Gold has a chance to spawn in any chest in the Bastion Remnant. The base chance is 24.4% for Gold Nuggets and 19% for Gold Ingots. The chances increases or decrease depending on which Bastion Remnant type you’re exploring.

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Bastion Remnant Types

Bastion Remnants spawn in four unique types of structure: Bridges, Hoglin Stables, Housing Units, and Treasure Rooms. 


Bridges appear as an “entrance” of sorts to the Remnant, with a piglin head carved into them. Surrounded by walkways and paths, the location has one of the lowest to find large quantities of gold.

Gold? Yes! Nuggets, 47.9% chance. Blocks and Ingots, 11.2% chance

Hoglin Stables

Made up of ramparts and destroyed stable structures, hoglin stables are, unsurprisingly, filled with hoglins. They have the unique hoglin stable chests, which have a higher chance for Saddles, Golden Carrots, and mushrooms.

Gold? Yes! Nuggets, 22.8% chance. Blocks 18.2% chance

Housing Unit

A housing unit is recognizable from a central courtyard with nether wart growing in the centre. Usually has a high number of Piglins and Zombified Piglins.

Gold? Yes! Blocks and Ingots, 11.2% chance

Treasure Room

The place you should be aiming for. There’s a magma cube spawner on the bottom level, but the central loot area will contain 1-2 treasure chests, and huge amounts of gold and other treasure.

Gold? Yes! Blocks and Ingots, 33.7% chance.

On top of gold, there are also two Advancement achievements tied to Bastion Remnants. The Those Were The Days and War Pigs Advancements are triggered by entering a Bastion and Looting a chest respectively. Happy looting!

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