Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has dumped a heap of content on players to sort through. New sets of Switch Skills to be employed during hunts are part of the expansion’s offerings. But, what skills are available for each weapon type and how do you unlock them?

How to unlock MHR Sunbreak Switch Skills

There are three Switch Skills for each weapon type in Sunbreak. They are unlocked as hunters progress through the story.

The first set of skills is given to hunters during the tutorial mission. After speaking with Arena Master Arlow in Elgado, Master Utsushi will appear and teach hunters the Switch Skill Swap technique and give that first set of skills.

Upon reaching Master Rank 4 and completing two hunts in this rank, Master Utsushi will request the hunter’s audience back in Kamura Village. This will unlock the second and third sets of Switch Skills.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Switch Skills by Weapon Type

Great Sword

  • Surge Slash Combo
  • Strongarm Stance
  • Backslide

Long Sword

  • Sacred Sheathe Combo
  • Tempered Spirit Blade
  • Harvest Moon

Sword & Shield

  • Twin Blade Combo
  • Destroyer Oil
  • Shield Bash

Dual Blades

  • Side Slash Combo
  • Spiral Slash
  • Ironshine Silk


  • Shield Tackle
  • Skyward Thrust
  • Sheathing Retreat


  • Erupting Cannon
  • Bullet Barrage
  • Reverse Blast


  • Spinning Bludgeon: Charge
  • Keeping Sway
  • Impact Burst

Hunting Horn

  • Swing Combo
  • Sonic Boom
  • Silkbind Shockwave

Switch Axe

  • 2-Staged Morph Slash Combo
  • Elemental Burst Counter
  • Wire Step

Charge Blade

  • Phial Follow-up Firing Pin
  • Ready Stance
  • Air Dash

Insect Glaive

  • Kinsect Slash
  • Awakened Kinsect Attack
  • Kinsect Glide

Light Bowgun

  • Critical Firepower
  • Wyvern Counter
  • Mech Silkbind Shot

Heavy Bowgun

  • Crouching Shot
  • Rising Boom
  • Setting Sun


  • Stake Thrust
  • Butcher’s Bind
  • Bolt Boost

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