The Mario Party series has always been one of the best multiplayer games since it first launched on the Nintendo 64. There have been numerous iterations of the game throughout the years with new boards, characters, minigames, and more. The Nintendo Switch offers two choices when it comes to Mario Party games.

The Nintendo Switch has Super Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars to choose from. Deciding which game to choose from can be difficult. Here are the differences and similarities between Mario Party Superstars and Super Mario Party.

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Super Mario PartyMario Party Superstars
4 boards.5 boards.
Most things need to be unlocked.Most things are already unlocked.
80 minigames.100+ minigames.
Has motion-control games.Does not have motion-control games.
4 player local multiplayer.4 player local multiplayer.
Online play, but game ends if a player leaves.Online play that allows players to leave without ending the game.
Cannot save game.Can save local games.
Features character specific special dice.All characters use standard dice.
Only random bonus stars.Random bonus stars, classic bonus stars, or no bonus stars.
Supports amiibo.Does not support amiibo.
Classic minigames.Has additional games in Toad’s Rec Room.

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