Magnum Quest is a mobile fantasy role-playing game with idle mechanics. Thanks to that, you can relax and watch as the heroes are auto-battling to bring you hard-earned loot. The goal is to collect heroes and form a mighty party to annihilate enemies. To be successful, you’ll need some help.

Magnum Quest Codes will help you speed up the process and get some much-needed assets. You can expect various goodies like Gold, experience, Draw Coupon (used for summoning heroes), Dragonshards (rare currency), Beryl (used for leveling heroes), and Adamantite Dragon Scale (used for summoning), etc.

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All Magnum Quest Codes List

Magnum Quest Codes (Working)

These Magnum Quest codes are active.

  • explorenow—Redeem for 1000K Gold, 6 Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls, and 10 Draw Coupons.
  • dragoneggs—Redeem for 1000 Dragonshards, 10 Bag of Gold, and one Golden Hammer.
  • mqgift2022—Redeem for 10 Adamantite Dragon Scale, 20 Customize Chest of Light, one Golden Hammer, and 5 Chest of Gold Rewards.

Magnum Quest Codes (Expired)

These Redemption codes for Magnum Quest are no longer active.

  • giftcode
  • mq61
  • ilovemom
  • cu2mr1
  • cu2mr2
  • cu2mr3
  • cu2mr4
  • woodsburrow
  • easteregg
  • foolfriend
  • herovoice
  • mqharvest
  • fbfan100kgift
  • mq123
  • mq999
  • thanksgiving
  • halloween2021
  • magiclist
  • ilovefather
  • arcanecard
  • 7daysleft1
  • 7daysleft2
  • 7daysleft3
  • 7daysleft4
  • clover

Magnum Quest FAQ, Answered

Here’s everything you need to know regarding Magnum Quest Redemption codes.

How to redeem Magnum Quest Codes

Redeeming Magnum Quest Redeptopn codes is simple if you follow these steps.

How to redeem codes in Magnum Quest
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
  1. Enter the game, and click on the Profile picture in the upper left corner. In there, you’ll find your ID number. Copy it.
  2. Go to the official Magnum Quest page.
  3. In the UID box, enter your ID number, and in Gift Code box enter the code.
  4. Click on a Redeem button.
  5. Return to the game, and click on the Mail button in the upper right corner.
  6. You’ll notice you have Redemption Code Rewards mail. Open it and click on the Collect button.

How can you get more Magnum Quest Redemption Codes?

If you want to have all Magnum Quest Redemption code information in one place, bookmark this page and check it out for updates. You can also visit the official Magnum Quest Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.

Why aren’t my Magnum Quest Codes working?

The main reason some Magnum Quest codes don’t work is the limited time for activation. If some codes from the active list have expired, let us know so we can update the page! Another reason for codes not working can be a simple typo. To avoid that, enter codes precisely as they appear in the working Magnum Quest Codes segment.

What is Magnum Quest?

Magnum Quest is an idle RPG adventure that lets you collect heroes and upgrade them. The brave warriors come from different factions with different fighting styles. As this game has idle mechanics, your adventurers can fight without your help.

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