New details about Madden 22‘s Ultimate Team mode have been released by EA Sports. New features including real-time stat tracking, new MUT items, new programs, and upgrades for next-gen versions are explained in a trailer showing off Ultimate Team content and gameplay.

New Strategy Items

Madden 22 is adjusting the Ultimate Team chemistry system with the addition of new strategy items. These items can be used to upgrade individual players as well as offensive and defensive team stats. Strategy items can be collected like other Ultimate Team cards and the trailer indicates that there will be special strategy items to collect throughout the NFL season. Strategy items can be upgraded to higher tiers and come in various rarities. Based on the trailer, teams will have a limited number of slots for offensive and defensive strategy items.

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Next-Gen Stats and Dynamic Gameday

One of the features exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game is next-gen stats. Madden 22 uses real player data to deliver more in-depth stats and analytics, which has been integrated into Ultimate Team in a unique way. Players will be able to track stats on Ultimate Team cards, which includes Madden next-gen stats like longest air distance, average time to throw, and longest run after 1st hit.

Abilities and X-Factor Adjustments

Before Ultimate Team games, players can set which X-Factors and abilities they want active. In Madden 22, players can now make halftime adjustments to both abilities and X-Factors to switch up the game plan. Based on the trailer, teams will be able to have up to three X-Factors active and up to 12 abilities active, which will give players a lot of freedom to pick and choose player boosts.

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