EA Sports released the Madden 22 Title Update #2, which features a ton of bug fixes, added content, and some gameplay changes. While much of the patch notes are about various bug fixes, there are also some exciting additions to the game. Here are all the changes in the Madden 22 Title Update #2.

Added Content and Improvements

Madden 22 now features new throwback jersey for the Falcons, Cowboys, Colts, Packers, and Chiefs and stadiums have been updated for the Saints, Lions, and Steelers. Playbooks have also been updated to add formations for the Rams, Chargers, Eagles, Lions, and Steelers. Plays including Crossfire Wheel, Flare Post, Blizzard V, and Tsunami Wave have been added to The Yard’s playbooks.

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Although pretty bad timing, Free Agent QB Cam Newton has received a likeness update, along with several coaches. Franchise mode has also received a number of improvements including head-to-head stability, next-gen stats, and weekly strategy upgrades. Face of the Franchise mode also has massive stability improvements on Xbox Series X and minor improvements on other platforms.

Gameplay Fixes

Momentum for head-to-head online matchups has been adjusted so momentum swings slower. An issue has been fixed that caused the DE to be unblocked on certain plays like double A-gap blitzes. The logic for defenders has been improved for RPO plays so the defense can also plan for a QB scramble. A few AI improvements have been made that will cause less player clipping and wrong positioning.

Bug Fixes

There are a ton of bug fixes in the September Title Update, but some of the biggest include various fixes for Franchise mode, Face of the Franchise, and in-game UI. It seems many of these bugs caused connection issues, gameplay presentation problems, and shut down the game in some cases. One of the biggest fixes in Franchise mode corrects the issue with the wrong game result showing after completing offline Franchise mode games. Some of the minor fixes include icons showing up incorrectly in a number of modes, certain text displays, and wrong information displayed.

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