While many of the locations in Lost Ark can be one-and-done, Harmony Isle is one you’ll likely have to visit multiple times. It has three Mokoko Seeds, but more importantly, it is home to an Island Soul and a piece of Sheet Music that are both random co-op quest drops. However, you can’t just go there whenever you like. So, we’ve put this Lost Ark Harmony Island guide together to help you with the island schedule, Mokoko Seeds locations, and more.

What do I do on Harmony Island Lost Ark?

You’ll land on the island’s eastern shore, near an NPC simply called the Gardener. She will give you the Heavenly Harmony quest, which simply gives you a little island history through a chat chain. Once complete, you can move on to the more important matters at hand. There are three co-op quests and three Mokoko Seeds to find.

Harmony Island spawn schedule in Lost Ark

Harmony Island is an adventure island, so it only rises from the sea at particular times for these co-op quests to take place but not every day. This means they can be very busy, and the quest timers are completed very quickly, so you ideally need to be there waiting when the island opens. The possible daily times are 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 7pm, 9pm, and 11pm. It always opens on the weekends and occasionally at the start of the week. Your best bet is to set an alarm via the tab at the top left of your screen. Harmony Island is in the Adventure Islands section.

Repeatable co-op quests on Harmony Island in Lost Ark

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The first co-op quest A Pure Sound will begin shortly after the island opens. The yellow triangle marks the location on the map above. This is a simple pick-up-and-carry quest, but it can be tricky to grab the required item if many players are online. Once enough has been completed, you’ll have a few minutes to get to the green triangle location for the start of A Fragrant Sound, another pick-up-and-carry co-op quest. Here the items are placed all around the edge of the lake, but it can still be hard to manage to grab one and deliver it in time. Finally, comes the Harmony? Help! co-op quest (blue triangle). This requires you to play the Serenade of Love sheet music.

If you don’t manage to participate in all three of the co-op quests, don’t worry. The reward chest for each one has a different name, but they all drop the same random rewards. Getting more chests just increases your chances of getting the good stuff. The possible random rewards are:

  • Heavenly Harmony sheet music
  • Harmony Island Soul
  • Silver Coins

The amount of silver you get is derisory, so once you have managed to get the two unique items, it is not really worth returning.

Harmony Island Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

There are just three Mokoko Seeds on Harmony Island. The first is in the island’s northern section, in plain sight on a tree stump. The two to the west are at the end of a path that can only be accessed by playing Forest’s Minuet.

The island closes around 45 minutes after the event ends, giving you plenty of time to go and collect the Mokoko Seeds during your first visit.  

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