The Deadeye is a Gunner class in Lost Ark. Deadeyes are essentially the male version of the Gunslinger class but with better damage when up close.

Best Deadeye build

Deadeye is a Gunner class that is great at dealing damage but is pretty vulnerable in close combat. In their best build, the damage is capitalized on, and their vulnerability is minimized. This is really a min/max build that works well.

SkillSkill LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Spiral Tracker4Weakness ExposureN/AN/A
AT01 Grenade4Weakness ExposureN/AN/A
Enforce Execution7Light FootworkTenacityN/A
Somersault Shot4Ignore CollisionN/AN/A
Dexterous Shot7Agile MovementExcellent MobilityN/A
Quick Shot12Swift FingersInitiate ShotFinal Light
Cruel Tracker12Swift FingersRapid Fire EnhancementExplosive Bullet

Deadeye Engravings

Once you reach level 50, you can start using Engravings. There are two Class Engravings for each class that slightly alter how the class functions. The Deadeye has Enhanced Weapon and Pistoleer. The Pistoleer only increases your benefits when you use a Handgun, but you can exploit Enhanced Weapon in any stance, so we recommend going with Enhanced Weapon.

  • Enhanced Weapon – Changing stances increases Crit Rate by 20% for nine seconds
    • With every upgrade, Crit Rate goes up by 5%
  • Pistoleer – Damage increases by +20%, but you can only use the Handgun Stance
    • With every upgrade, the damage dealt goes up by 10%

Deadeye Awakening Skills

The cooldowns on Awakening Skills are extremely long, but they are extremely powerful. There are two unique Awakening Skills per class, but only one can be equipped at a time. Neither skill is bad, but Bursting Flare is good for aimed shots, while Clay Bombardment is good for when you’re surrounded.

  • Bursting Flare – Take out a rifle and shoot three times. The first two hits deal 111 damage and pull enemies in for 111 damage. The last shot deals the same amount of damage but knocks enemies away
  • Clay Bombardment – Throw many explosives near enemies around you and shoot them to deal 111 damage on top of 111 explosion damage, ultimately sending enemies into the air

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