Lost Ark offers the player many different classes to choose from. Each class also has an advanced class that the player can select. Both classes and advanced classes play differently from one another.

One class in Lost Ark is the Mage. This class can then become the Bard or Sorceress advanced class. This may leave players wondering what the difference between Bard and Sorceress is, which is better, and which they should choose.

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Bard Advanced Class

Bard is the advanced support class for the Mage in Lost Ark. This class is capable of attacking foes from afar with musical and magical abilities. But the real draw to this is its support aspects. Bards are capable of healing their allies, as well as providing buffs. These buffs are valuable to your team and essential when battling late-game and end-game content.

Sorceress Advanced Class

The Sorceress is a DPS advanced class and focuses on dealing damage with powerful spells from a distance. Many of the Sorceress’ abilities have a large area of effect and do a lot of damage, making this class suited to take out large numbers of enemies. The Sorceress is a fairly straightforward and easy class to play.

Should I choose Bard or Sorceress in Lost Ark?

Bard and Sorceress are both Mage advanced classes but play very differently. Therefore, you should choose the Bard class if you prefer to play as a supporting character and the Sorceress class if you prefer to be a DPS character.

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