Healing is a big part of strategy in Apex Legends. Whether it is healing up after a fight, or even in the middle of one. While some Legends have healing abilities, most rely on consumable items in order to heal. Healing Consumables come in five types: Phoenix Kits, Shield Batteries, Med Kits, and then the basic Shield Cells and Syringes. When a match begins all players have two Shield Cells and two Syringes, which heal 25 Shield HP and 25 Health respectively.

Ever since the update that added Shield Cells and Syringes to the starter kit went forward, it became a little too easy to end up finding and/or carrying too many of these basic healing items, especially in late game. That said, there is finally a loot pool change to properly combat these issues.

Now, Shield Cells and Syringes appear 18% less than usual in the loot pool, almost a 1/5 decrease from the over-inflation of these items that players had been dealing with. This should help balance out the amount of small Consumables in a match, especially if you’ve been looting a fair amount of death boxes.

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