In the tactical roguelike Loop Hero, players will encounter many items, cards, and other aspects while trapped in their loop. To succeed, players must form combos and make intelligent decisions or fail. One thing players will want to find are Orbs of Expansion.

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To get an Orb of Expansion, players will need to win battles with four or more enemies. The more enemies there are, the greater chance players have to get an Orb of Expansion after the battle. These can upgrade buildings at camp, specifically the Canteen, Potion Maker’s Hut, and Smithy.

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To farm Orbs of Expansion, you will need to fight battles that have multiple enemies. There are a couple of different ways to do this. The easiest is to use Vampire Mansions which add vampires to fights on adjacent tiles. Spider Cocoons will spawn a spider every day, and Groves will spawn ratwolves every two days.

This combination will let you fight multiple battles with four or five enemies. You can also place Vampire Mansions adjacent to Villages. This will turn the Village into a Ransacked Village which immediately spawns four ghouls.

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