If you want to know what are the longest burning fuels in Minecraft, we will explain just that and more, such as how to get these fuels and where to get them. 

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All of the Longest Burning Fuels in Minecraft

The following chart below will showcase all of the longest burning fuels in Minecraft, by longest lasting to shortest.

Fuel ItemHow long it lastsWhere to Get
Lava Bucket20000Use a bucket on some lava that you can find in caves and the overworld
Block of Coal16000Craft it by filling a crafting table with coal.
Dried Kelp Block4000Craft it by filling a crafting table with dried kelp.
Blaze Rod2400Crafting from blaze powder that you can obtain from Blazes in the Nether
Coal1600Coal is found underground and on the overworld in Minecraft.
Charcoal1600Charcoal can be made by burning wood inside a furnace.

Overall, lava by far is still the best fuel in Minecraft, as it lasts the longest while used in a furnace. It’s also fairly easy to get once you get up and running with a base and start exploring some caves.

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However, for the most part you should probably go with either coal or even charcoal as you can simply burn wood inside a furnace, and it will last as long as coal.

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