The Baron Lane is one of the most commonly picked roles by solo queue players in League of Legends: Wild Rift. To dominate this role, players often need to pick tanky warriors who can hold their own in a 1v1 situation, and also deal heavy damage in a team fight. As a Baron laner, the main objective is to farm gold, and push turrets in the baron lane. Once a Baron laner manages to rack up gold, there is little that can stop them from snowballing and harassing the opponents.

Here are the best (and not-so-good) champions for the Baron lane, ranked.

LoL Wild Rift: Baron Lane Champions Tier List

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S+ Tier

These are the meta-running champions in Wild Rift. They are very hard to counter, and have the potential to carry games and secure wins for your team in almost every match.

ChampionKeystone Runes
CamilleConqueror / Grasp of the Undying / Fleet Footwork
GarenGrasp of the Undying / Conqueror
SettConqueror / Fleet Footwork

S Tier

Champions in S tier are some of the best champions in the rift. When played correctly, they have the potential to be S+ rated champions, and are always a solid pick in team compositions.

ChampionKeystone Runes
DariusConqueror / Fleet Footwork
RenektonConqueror / Fleet Footwork
IreliaConqueror / Lethal Tempo
ShenGrasp of the Undying
NasusGrasp of the Undying
GragasElectrocute / Grasp of the Undying

A Tier

These are some of the most consistent champions. Although not as strong as S+ and S tier champions, they can be game-changing picks when used in the proper situation.

ChampionKeystone Runes
SingedFleet Footwork
JaxConqueror / Fleet Footwork / Lethal Tempo
Dr. MundoGrasp of the Undying
MalphiteGrasp of the Undying
TryndamereLethal Tempo

B Tier

Not the best, not the worst. Although strong at the right hands, these champions can be countered easily and often have less of an impact on the team’s performance than champions in the higher tiers.

ChampionKeystone Runes
WukongConqueror / Grasp of the Undying
LucianConqueror / Lethal Tempo
KennenConqueror / Electrocute
KayleLethal Tempo

C Tier

Champions in the C tier are often limited in their playstyle. As a result, they are prone to being countered and are rarely effective in team fights or 1v1 situations.

ChampionKeystone Runes

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