The latest installment in the Monkey Island series, Return to Monkey Island, is full of all the classic point-and-click humor you’d expect and plenty of puzzles. Once you arrive at Monkey Island itself, you’ll find you need to complete a ritual that includes playing LeChuck’s theme tune. Finding the theme is one thing, but you must also play it on a xylophone made of skulls. And yes, you first have to find those skulls. So, what is the location of all the skulls on Monkey Island?

Where are the six skulls on Monkey Island in Return to Monkey Island? – Casual & Hard Mode

  1. Go to the beach where you first land on the island. The first skull is far to the left side of the beach.
  2. From the main island map, click on up to see the view. You can’t miss the second skull there on the lookout point.
  3. On the east of the main map, just before the giant monkey head location, is a shipwreck. Head there, and you’ll find the third skull on the left of the beach.
  4. The fourth skull is on the path that leads to the Giant Monkey Head.
  5. Now head to the left end of Volcano beach to find the fifth skull.
  6. Go into the sea as if you were going to LeChuck’s ship. Don’t go up the anchor, instead, keep walking to your left. You’ll find the final skull there.

You now have all the skulls you need to play LeChuck’s theme song to complete the Secret ritual. But what song to play? That is one of LeChuck’s secrets! That means you must sneak back onto LeChuck’s ship and solve this mystery.

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