Omega Strikers is a free-to-play competitive game with fast-paced air hockey gameplay. This is combined with a champion system, creating mechanics involving scoring and knocking out other players. To create hype for the game, the developer, Odyssey Interactive, is hosting a streamer tournament that runs from Sept. 18, 2022, through Sept. 28, 2022. This may leave you wondering which streamers are participating in the Omega Strikers Creator vs. Event.

All streamers in the Omega Strikers Creator vs. Event Tournament

There are several big names in the Creator vs. Event in Omega Strikers. You can find out more about the streamer tournament by following the official Omega Strikers Twitter. We have listed all the team names and the streamer that team supports below.

  • Team 5up – 5up
  • Team Blau – Blaustoise
  • Team Code – CodeMiko
  • Team Comfy – Lilypichu
  • Team DrLupo – DrLupo
  • Team Ducky – DuckyTheGamer
  • Team Dyrus – Dyrus
  • Team Enviosity – Enviosity
  • Team Hafu – itsHafu
  • Team IKeepItTaco – IKeepItTaco
  • Team Ljoga – Ljoga
  • Team Leslers – Fuslie
  • Team Mang0 – Mang0
  • Team Moist – MoistCritikal
  • Team Necrit – Necrit
  • Team Nemu – Nemu
  • Team Onimart – OniGiriEN
  • Team Rakin – Rakin
  • Team Rayditz – Rayditz
  • Team Sykkuno – Sykkuno
  • Team Tori – ToriParaeno
  • Team Tuonto – Tuonto
  • Team Vienna – Vienna

How to pick a team in the Omega Striker Creator vs. Event

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO.

Picking a team is incredibly easy in Omega Strikers. Simply click the Creator vs. Event button in the top-right corner of the main screen. Here you will see a list of creators participating and their placement in the tournament. To choose a team, click the dropdown box above the team leaderboard and select a team. You are free to change teams at any time.

Which team should I pick in the Creator vs. Event in Omega Strikers

Ultimately, it does not matter which team you pick. Each team has a unique emote, and the winning team’s streamer will receive several rewards. While most won’t affect players, the emote of that team will permanently be added to the game, and the streamer will be able to create exclusive cosmetics for Omega Strikers. So you can either pick your favorite creator or the one with the best emote.

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