The Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin! is a new Web Event following the release of Arataki Itto’s first character teaser. It will run from Dec. 9, 2021, to Dec. 13, 2021, and is open to all players Adventure Rank 10 and up. It’s a super-easy social media sharing event, so make sure to participate to get 40 Primogems and three Prithiva Topaz Fragments for free! 

Start by heading to Genshin Impact’s official announcement over at on a PC or mobile browser. Log in and select the right server (double-check your UID to be sure you’re on the right account!) to begin playing.

How to Play

You’ll be given three tasks throughout the Web Event, all of which can be completed on the same day.

  • Help Itto move the boxes to the right of the screen by dragging them.
  • Help Itto light up the street light by liking the Genshin Impact Facebook page.
  • Watch Itto’s performance on HoYoLAB and YouTube (from the Web Event page).

After each of those tasks, you’ll be prompted to share a picture to obtain rewards.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The first two shares will grant you x10 Primogem and x1 Prithiva Topaz Fragment each. The third share will grant you x20 Primogem and x1 Prithiva Topaz Fragment. While the Web Event asks you to share, you simply need to choose one of the social platforms but don’t have to publish the post to get the rewards.

Play with Others

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Click on the plus button on the upper right of the screen to invite friends to watch the Arataki Itto trailer together or find a group of random people. Doing so will give you x20,000 Mora and x2 Mystic Enhancement Ore

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